Daily Summary for 30 October 2020

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Date30 October 2020
Mean temperature (°C)13.7
Max temperature (°C)23.9
Min temperature (°C)9.3
Mean humidity (%)80.0
Max humidity (%)96.0
Min humidity (%)58.0
Mean soil moisture (%)26.0
Max soil moisture (%)27.0
Min soil moisture (%)26.0
Mean relative pressure (hPa)1012.1
Max relative pressure (hPa)1014.6
Min relative pressure (hPa)1010.8
Mean absolute pressure (hPa)9934.7
Max absolute pressure (hPa)9937.2
Min absolute pressure (hPa)9933.4
Daily rainfall (mm)0.0
Sunshine hours-
Max solar radiation (W/m2)-
Max UV index-
Mean wind speed (km/h)-
Mean wind direction-
Max gust (km/h)-

Sunrise and sunset sourced from Sunrise-Sunset and relate to the listed date.

All other measurements are calculated for the 24-hour period to 09:00.

See the Methods page for more details.